Hopover Puzzle updates

Hopover PuzzleI updated my Hopover puzzle to use Flash from java applets.

It's a simple puzzle so I concentrated on the presentation. For a non-artistic coder type am pretty happy with it.

Online Casinos Planet Review

The following is a paid review:

I was given the assignment of writing a review for Online Casinos Planet and was quite franlky expecting a dime a dozen casino spam site.

However I was presently surprised. The site starts off with a typical list of bonus codes for casinos they partner with. Can't really beat free money.

The next section was called entitled real casinos guide but was really just an address book of casinos around the world. Helpful if you wanted to see what was available in your area but would be nice to have more info.

The section on popular online casino games covers America Roulette, Progressives Slots and Blackjack. I was impressed with this section because it not only gives you the rules of these games but also some basic strategies on how to play these games most effectively.

They free online casino flash games let you test your skills without having to sign up on any site. This is a good way to test the waters if you are interested in trying out some of they pay sites.

The online casino information section is similar to the strategy section of the games but deals with more general casino strategies. They did a good job describing the difference between real casinos and online casinos and how you can take advantage of those differences.

My favorite section was the online casino videos. Rather than reading a wall of text you can just watch these videos. What could be more simpler?


Today there are so many puzzle games that you can enjoy. You can even find them online for free! It doesn't matter if you like crosswords, sodoku, math puzzles or jigsaws they are a great way to keep your mind in tune.

If you are looking to relax and play a game that is based on luck more than thought try bingo. It's also available online and it is so much fun when you win. If you don't want to play for money you can play free bingo online. Of course here you can't win any money either.

It doesn't really matter if you chose to do a puzzle or play a game of bingo, the goal is to have fun and enjoy.

Towers of Hanoi puzzle updated

Flip Flop PuzzleI updated my Hanoi Towers puzzle to use Flash from java applets.

This is the third project I've completed. As I get more experienced with Flash I should be able to churn these conversions out quicker (hopefully)

15 Puzzle Updated

15 Puzzle I just updated the 15 Puzzle to flash from java. This is probably the best known puzzle in the world. I hadn't played this puzzle for years and during the development spent some time play testing it.

This reminded me of how perfect this puzzle is. It's goal and how to play are immedialy obvious. It seems harder than it really is but is not so hard that most people can't solve it in twenty minutes or so.

Hope you enjoy playing the 15 puzzle as much as I have. Oh I also learned a bit about its history as well. Did you know that this was invented in the 1800s?

Flip Flop puzzle updated

Flip Flop PuzzleI updated my Flip Flop puzzle to use Flash from java applets. Java applets are just dead as far as I am concerned.

In addition I'm taking the opportunity to make them more visually appealing.This Flip Flop puzzle is good for improving your decision making abilities. If you like to play casino games or any games of strategy and skill, playing this game should sharpen your skills.

I'll be working in the next few months to update all my games/puzzles to flash as well.

Cracking the Rubix Cube Puzzle

Daniel Kunkle can solve a Rubik's Cube puzzle in 26 moves. Or at least his computer can.

Kunkle, a computer scientist at Northeastern University in Boston, has proved that 26 moves are enough to solve any Rubik's Cube puzzle, no matter how scrambled. That's one move below the previous record. In the process of cracking the cube, he developed algorithms that can be useful for problems as disparate as scheduling air flights and determining how proteins will fold.

Rubik's Cube puzzle has approximately 43 quintillion possible configurations. Even a supercomputer can't search through every possible configuration to find the quickest way to unscramble a given starting arrangement in a reasonable amount of time. So Kunkle and his advisor Gene Cooperman developed some clever mathematical and computational strategies to make the puzzle more manageable.

Read the full article Cracking the Rubix Cube Puzzle

New toy section added

Added a new section for web toys. These will generally be silly fun toys you can play with on the web.

The first toy is Upside down text

¿sǝop ʇı ʇɐɥʍ ssǝnb noʎ uɐɔ

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Infocom text adventure game the BBC (British Broadcasting Service) has put together a wonderful re-creation of the game using Flash. This version has added quality illustrations to the original text adventure.

The game, originally published in 1984, contains rare writing by the author and is - in Adams' words - "full of extraordinary ways of dying".

Users can play a number of characters from the book, collect over 40 items and read dozens of Hitchhiker's Guide entries.

The new version of the game will be illustrated by Rod Lord, who won a BAFTA for his graphics for the original Hitchhiker TV series

If you are interested in learning more about Douglas Adams visit his web site www.douglasadams.com

CartoonDollEmporioum.com review

Sponsored Post:

CartoonDollEmporium.com is the home of online Dress Up Games [NOTE: link goes to site homepage] These games are the digital version of the paper dolls that my sister used to play with so much.

There are over 750 hand-drawn dress up dolls to choose from and thousands of clothing pieces. This means there are literally millions of combinations to choose from. The dolls are categorized making it easy to find which doll you want to dress up.

The doll in the top left of this article is an example of anyone can create. It is easy you just select the doll and then drag and drop the clothes and accessories on to the doll. No fuss no muss and best yet... no paper cuts!

Some of the categories are:

  • Celebrity - Paris Hilton, Linsdey Lohan, Britney Spears and more.
  • Political - Hillary Clinton, Rudy Guiliani and more.
  • Characters - Harry Potter, Hannah Montanna, Yoda and more
  • The site also has chat forums for displaying your creations. One of the forms is dedicated to best dressed doll contests that you can enter and win real money!

    CartoonDollEmporium.com is a carefully monitored environment that employs real, 24-hour-per-day, 7-day-per-week moderators, as well as automated scripts prepare to ensure the site remains a kid friendly save haven on the intent that mon and dad can feel save letting them visit.

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